Merkezi Yönetim


Piotr Ejdys

The President of the Board and one of the company’s creators. He has managed Gemius for more than 12 years already. 

A strong advocate of a professional – private and family life balance, which is, as he himself puts it, not easy to obtain, but certainly worth aiming at. Balance is also the value which he promotes in the company – balance between the interests of company’s employees, clients and owners. Thanks to it, long-term development and profits for all interested parties are possible.

He graduated from the faculties of computer science and mathematics at the University of Warsaw.  

Jakub Wysoczański

Member of the Board of Directors & Financial Director in charge of Gemius finances, takes part in development and implementation of business strategy, supervises all legal and administrative matters of the company.

At Gemius since November 2006. Earlier employed for 7 years at the Audit and Business Advisory Department of the Warsaw branch of Ernst & Young, where he audited financial reports of insurance and financial sector companies operating on the Polish market. His responsibilities also included issues related to internal control systems, actuarial analyses business process modeling.

Jakub Wysoczański is a licensed statutory auditor, holder of a diploma and membership at ACCA, Certified Information System Auditor (CISA) and Certified Internal Auditor (CIA). Educated in economy and mathematics, graduated from Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) and Faculty of Mathematics of Warsaw University.

Vesna Gordon

Gemius expert in online and offline business analytics and research. As a  manager,  Vesna is dedicated to business knowledge development around Gemius technology and establishing new industry practices based on Gemius previous experience, with a focus on clients and market needs.

At Gemius, as International Sales Director and member of the Board of Directors, she is responsible for sales and business processes in general, improving the existing and developing new go-to-market models. In particular, she deals with planning, budgeting and monitoring performance of sales strategies, and supporting the sales process both globally and locally. In her work, Vesna is mostly committed to business development through market expansion with the existing portfolio and providing recommendations for the company’s new development perspectives for products and projects. One of her recent projects involves establishing a business consultancy department in Gemius.

At Gemius since October 2011. She began her professional career in 2005 in Valicon, a  marketing consulting and research company, where she initially worked as researcher and since 2009 as Regional Sales Director and Board member. She was also responsible for managing an SPSS franchise in the Balkans (SPSS is an IBM analytical software) and actively involved in a number of data mining & predictive analytics projects (with focus on retail, telecommunication and banking industry).

Together with her team she develops business knowledge around technology served by Gemius and establishes new quality of everyday operations. What satisfies her most in everyday work is that she can personally influence and improve processes taking place in the company. She likes to feel that she can mold clients’ needs into practice, work, product development and business plans.

Vesna graduated from the Faculty of Social Science at University in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Aneta Weber

Member of the Board of Directors and Operations Director responsible for preparing and implementing Gemius strategies for IT as well as product development and customer service projects. In her work she is focusing on optimization of resources in pursuit of ensuring best efficiency and quality of Gemius services and maximizing the company value. To achieve these goals, Aneta is managing and improving business processes; she is also monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of all operations. Together with her team, Aneta develops technology knowledge within the company and is responsible for establishing relations with internal clients, such as Sales, Marketing and Administration Departments.

Aneta joined Gemius Group at the end of 2005. For the first 6 months she worked in AdOcean’s Technical Support Department. Then, from July 2006 to June 2007, she was part of the International Operations Department, taking responsibility for technical issues and coordinating projects for abroad subsidiaries and clients. This was also a great opportunity for her to become familiar with sales issues. From July 2007 Aneta held the position of Project Coordinator and then moved to the post of Manager of the Project Coordination Department at Gemius. She has participated in the development of research products, cooperated with both Polish and foreign clients, worked on internal workflow organization and supervised a team of several employees. In July 2009 Aneta came back to AdOcean, this time as Managing Director responsible for different IT Departments, the Technical Support and for the Project Management Team. Her work mainly involves  managing projects, developing AdOcean products, internal relationships and procedures, maintaining high quality of technical support for clients.

Aneta graduated from the mathematics and computer science with econometrics at the University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski in Warsaw.